Being a Gay/Lesbian is okay!

I accept, its is not very easy to accept and live with it. A year back, I have this same feel in fact I really don’t know that I am bisexual. It was started when all my friends feels gross about the gay/lesbian thing, but I felt okay with it. I felt its the same love and care, what’s the big difference its going to make. I started to express my feeling in words to my closed one, some accepted, some was like, what the hell? Remember till here I haven’t told myself I am bisexual. The feelings came out and made me realise its okay to be attracted to same sex/gender, when I finally met a bisexual guy. We felt the same way, we didn’t differentiate love with bodies. We felt the same. The connection helped us to express our feelings and desires.

Its time for each of us to join to bring out our feeling. Its time to shout to world its okay to be attracted to same sex. All the love at last. (love).

I accept, it was confusing, the ability to bring out and realise one’s core desires overcoming the dogma of our times. Its natural to be straight and like a guy or a girl and have family, breed, work and die. What happens to the myriad desires, the untold fantasies, the buried feelings of the mind. It remains there buried. Until you meet someone, who you trust and express your feelings, your thoughts, your insecurities. And you find, the world is big, a diverse place of people with a plethora of interests and thoughts.

— A platonic bisexual couple

A platonic bisexual couple